Simple Smiles

Work has been getting me down lately and life in general this year has been busy. I’ve been plodding along, encountering various up and downs along the way. Nothing terribly serious, thank God, but enough to have my mood suffer and my nerves shredded. After an incident in which I realised that doing the best I possibly can gets me no more appreciation or recognition that doing an ok job , I decided to start enjoying life again.

So far, it is going well.

Over the past few days I even noticed the occasional smile flicker across my face. They were simple, innocent smiles brought on by small, insignificant things.

Sitting in the car at the traffic lights on the way to work, I noticed the driver of a car passing me. His glasses, nose and moustache were just like those plastic all-in-one disguises you’d get in a lucky bag. “Jesus, does he realise at all?” I wondered and smiled.

My toddler son said, out of the blue, “Du bist mein bester Freund Mammy”  – “You are my best friend Mammy” – and as I leaned in to kiss and cuddle him he qualified his previous statement by saying “Du bist nicht ein Blöder” – “You are not an eejit”. What could I do but smile?

In a meeting someone kept pronouncing “corporate” as “kop-a-wait”  while being very know-it-all about the topic we were discussing and I smiled and nodded along.

I found cold coffee in the fridge and then noticed that the ice-cream van  that’s been calling to our street lately sells scoops of coffee-flavoured ice-cream. The thoughts of a coffee float to cool me off when it was almost 8pm and still over 30°C had me smiling to myself. I recognise serendipity when I find it. I’m no eejit.



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