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Planting A Mini Easter Garden

Lent and the run up to Easter have felt long this year but even still, I have barely had time to prepare at all. Here and there in a snatched few minutes I have done a few bits and pieces. Planting some Easter grass took less than five minutes. Getting the box of decorations from the cellar only took a moment and yet nothing is unpacked. Making papercraft bunnies with Number Three is something I squeezed into about twenty minutes. But it was all so hasty.

There are tons of crafts and decor ideas I wanted to share with you for Easter. Here we are just days away from Easter weekend and I have only shared one new idea! All of my time seems to be consumed with laundry, business trips, grocery shopping and washing lunchboxes. My good intentions got washed down the drain. Possibly literally.

The mini Easter garden I was planning to share with you a week or so ago has sat in the kitchen, growing away nicely and didn’t so much as feature on my Instastories. And that garden was even partly recycled from this one. That’s how little time I’ve had.

Easter Garden

The other night I finally got to take a few photos of the Easter garden. The light is awful and the house was a mess, so forgive me for the state of  the photos. On the plus side, the chocolate bunny features in the photos. A mere 12 hours later he was stolen and devoured by Number Three, so I suppose I was lucky he was in there long enough for me to get a picture of him. Leaving the Easter garden at eye level for the children was a nice idea in my mind. In reality? A parenting fail.

Easter Garden

The other nice ideas in my mind include deciding which hot cross buns to bake tomorrow (these or these), faffing about with mini daffodils for a centre piece for the table, maybe taking the children on a picnic, arranging an egg hunt for Sunday and whether to end Lent with prosecco or a glass of red.


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