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Searching For The Light – New Pendant Lighting

The lighting section of the DIY store is one of my favourite sections. The children love it too. All those bright bulbs, disco balls, fairy lights and remote control flashing leds keep them occupied while I browse the pretty fittings and the nifty sensor gadgets.

The only thing is, I am not great at visualising what a light fitting will look like in a different setting. That’s part of the reason why we have spent the last six years with a light fitting in the kitchen which I find quite old-fashioned and ugly.

I’ve had an eye out for a replacement for years. Years. Any time I have found something I thought might work well in our kitchen, I haven’t been able to work up the conviction to buy it and fit it.  When I saw a gorgeous pale blue metal pendant light on the Wayfair site last year, I was very tempted but was afraid I would get fed up of the colour. When I spotted this selection of pendant lighting in a local boutique, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t settle on one.

A selection of pendant lighting

It seems though, like love and inspiration, the right light fitting turns up when you least expect it. A couple of weeks ago I was shopping for children’s pyjamas on the Tchibo website. On a whim I decided to browse their furniture section. And lo and behold what should I see but  the ideal lighting for our kitchen at a bargain price. With a  simple shape, matt black metal, textile cable, glass and a retro LED bulb, they seemed ideal Before I could reconsider, I added two to my basket and clicked buy.

The Arrival

If you follow me on Instagram (follow me here) you might have seen my stories the day the parcel arrived. Excited is not the word! When I opened the parcel and saw that the pendant lighting was every bit as good as I had hoped they’d be, I was all set to get them hung and switched on.

Tchibo pendant lighting in matt black and glass close up

My knowledge of electricity is not great, but I know enough not to fiddle about with it myself.  The Bavarian has come on a lot in the handyman department since we moved into our house: After a little thinking (and a lot of encouragement from me to get a move on) he headed off to the DIY store and bought the few extra bits we needed to hang both lamps from the one outlet.

The Verdict

We spent last Sunday afternoon hanging the lighting and I am thrilled with the end result. Ideally I’d like them to hang an inch or two lower over the table, but with a toddler who likes to stand on the table as soon as my back is turned, it seemed sensible to have the lights at a height where he wouldn’t smash them immediately.

Tchibo pendant lighting in matt black and glass

The lights have been up a week now and no harm has come to them so far. They have modernised the look of the kitchen no end and give a lovely warm light to the dining area.



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25 thoughts on “Searching For The Light – New Pendant Lighting

    1. It can be so hard to visualise a light fitting in a different setting, can’t it? I found that looking at loads of photos of kitchens similar to mine gave me an idea of what might work. When I saw these I knew they would be good in the kitchen.

  1. They are gorgeous and OMG I totally forgot about Tchibo, I use to shop there all the time, thanks for reminding me.

    1. Yes, Tchibo used to be in the UK. All their products here are labelled in English as well as German, which my family find great when they come over and buy from Tchibo.

    1. They are ideal for over a kitchen table or dining table and because they are glass, they won’t clash with your colour scheme. Look them up. Tchibo.de is the website.

    1. They have a great range Sabrina. Every week there’s something new but they have some regular products that are almost always availabe too.

    1. They used to be in the UK but I think they closed their shops over there. Their website is very good and their service is great. I have been buying from them for years now and was never disappointed.

  2. Great choice, they really are lovely lights. In my first home, I didn’t appreciate how long interiors last, I made quick, random decisions. Now I know how long, I have to live with items, it makes the hunt for perfect more important.

    1. It is hard to imagine you might get bored home fittings, isn’t it Gemma? But when you have to look at something day in, day out, year after year, you can get so sick of the sight of it if you don’t really love it to begin with.

  3. So so classic and stylish, I love them! I agree that it takes me ages to find something, but then when I know I just know. Something leaps out at me and that’s the one. Well done to the Bavarian for getting on with it (Pete needs similar encouragement 😉 X #HomeEtc

    1. I know what you mean. The house I grew up in is very old and has terribly low ceilings and door frames. I imagine your cottage is similar.

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