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Creating Cottage Charm with Bloom & Wild

For all the organisation and planning and parcel-sending that usually goes on in my life, there is one date I am always late in marking – my sister’s birthday. I only have the one sister and her birthday is on the same date every year (surprise, surprise) so you’d think I’d remember it. It is the same month as my own but even still, I can never seem to get a present to her on time.

About two weeks after her birthday and with still nothing done, I decided to send flowers and be done with it. Bloom & Wild immediately popped to mind because I read last year about their letterbox flowers. Given that my sister was moving house the week I decided to send flowers, there was every chance she wouldn’t be in to sign for them. Letterbox flowers seemed ideal. According to Bloom & Wild’s website, the flowers are delivered in a slim box that can fit through a letterbox in a door AND they deliver to Ireland now, which was what I needed them to be able to do.

So, I signed up, selected a bunch – the Jessie for their happy, country cottage look – and proceeded to the checkout. All went well until I put in my credit card details. An “Oops, something went wrong” type message popped up and asked me to contact their customer service team. I e-mailed a screenshot of the error message and got a call back within the hour. The girl I spoke to let me place my order by phone. The only issue I had was that she told me the flowers wouldn’t be delivered till Tueday. This was Wednesday.  I was a little disappointed at the delay, but since I was very late with sending a gift of any kind, I put up with it.

Tuesday came and there was no thank you from my sister. Wednesday came and I still heard nothing. My cautious “Anything nice in the post?” text got the reply “No. Why? Did you send something?”.  I got straight on the phone to Bloom & Wild. After all the lovely things I had read about them and their service, I was really disappointed that nothing had turned up on my sister’s hall floor (not that it needs a bunch of flowers to improve it. I have serious floor envy over the tiles she discovered under her laminate. They make mine look quite basic).

That floor though, as they say

But I digress.

The girl I spoke to was competent and pleasant and did all she could to trace my order but with no luck. It was on the system but went astray somewhere. Just as I was about to demand a refund she said “We’ll courier over a replacement bunch to arrive the day after tomorrow”.  True to her word, the flowers did arrive on the set date and in perfect condition. The only anomaly was that the flowers had to be signed for. They didn’t get put through the letterbox. I am assuming that this is because of them being couriered rather than sent with DPD.


My sister has sent me several messages of thanks for the flowers. She was delighted with them, especially since they arrive so well packed. The more delicate buds were specially wrapped so as to protect them during transport and all the flowerheards were buds rather than being in full bloom.  What I liked about the online photo is what she likes about the real thing – you can arrange them yourself and they look like a bunch you’d pick, not being as formal and staid as the usual bouquets you see available for delivery.


On the third day she texted “This bunch of flowers gets better and better 🙂 “. I mean to say, just look at those colours! So it seems the product is good. From my experience, the customer service is good, with dedicated staff. I’d like to think that what happened to my delivery was a hiccup in the delivery service to Ireland and I hope that that will improve.


[This is not an ad or a sponsored post. I paid for these flowers myself and was not asked to review Bloom & Wild. Photographs courtesy of my sister via text, hence the graininess].

27 thoughts on “Creating Cottage Charm with Bloom & Wild

    1. I’m so glad I hadn’t timed them to arrive on her atual birthday. I would have been really irritated by the delay then. They were lovely about sorting out the problem though – great customer service.

  1. They are gorgeous! It’s tough because when you have a bad experience with a company it’s difficult not to think ‘well that’s that, then!’ but hopefully it was a once off (as I said they are so beautiful!)

  2. That floor – firstly wow!

    That is such a shame, I have met the ladies of Bloom and Wild and I know they believe in their product. I am glad they sorted it for you and they are beautiful xx

  3. That floor, indeed!! Beautiful 🙂 A real pity with the delay, but I absolutely love the idea of those flowers, how they can be posted rather than needing someone at the other end to collect them. And the box is just gorgeous, I’ll give them a whirl next time I’m ordering flowers! X

  4. I’ve sent these three or four times to people — and because I’ve never checked — I’ve no idea if they ever arrived on time. I just assumed they had!! I’ve never had a bunch of them myself, so no idea what the quality is like first hand, but the feedback from all my recipients has been very positive. Similar to what your sister said, apparently they get better as the days go on and last quite well!! I’d give them another go — fingers crossed it was a one off xx #HomeEtc

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