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A Festive Jar Of Walnuts

Decorating my home for Advent and Christmas is one of my favourite things to do. I could spend days and days planning, buying, trying out ideas and generally fiddling about with ribbons, wreaths and candles.
I could.
But I can’t. Time just doesn’t allow it. With work, children and taking care of the housework, sometimes I am just too tired to do everything I want to so. Luckily, after years of fiddling about with ribbons, etc. I have come up with a few shortcuts to make decorating fuss-free while still festive and homey.

This idea, for example, is a simple but very effective way to brighten up a shelf, ledge, mantelpiece or windowsill for the festive season.

What you’ll need:

A preserving jar

Walnuts (small pine cones or glossy chestnuts would work either)

Red and white gingham ribbon

Holly or other greenery (optional)

Clean the preserving jar so that it is clear and shining. Fill the jar with walnuts. Tie a gingham ribbon round the neck of the jar and finish it with a bow.

Place the jar on a surface such as a windowsill or mantlepiece with a backdrop of holly, ivy and other greenery of your choice and there you have a natural-looking festive element to your home within minutes.





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