Go Away Grey – Trying Out Root Concealer Spray

I think it is safe to say that I am a long way from being a beauty and fashion blogger. You won’t find much in the way of glamorous beauty products here on my blog, or in my bathroom cabinet for that matter. But there is one product I that I want to tell you about.

Hair Root Concealer.


I’m not talking dark roots here. I’m talking (whispers) grey. Mmm hmm. Yep. I have grey hair and not just a few. I have actual grey hair. I am not exaggerating or being dramatic. That is my hair colour.

For the past twenty years, and bear in mind I am not even forty yet, I have been dying my hair to cover the grey. First a few streaks, then more and more until I finally had to admit that my hair is entirely grey and needed dying every three weeks at the very latest.

While on holiday this summer, my hair needed dying but i just couldn’t seem to find the time. My sister-in-law mentioned that maybe I should try a root spray. It is like dry shampoo, she said. We were having coffee at Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda (go there if you are ever nearby. It is a small local gallery in a converted convent) and there is a Boots across the road, so over I ran, took a quick look at their selection, picked one that looked like the colour would be right for me and headed straight for the nearest mirror.

One spray and I was convinced. It was like an ad. I was amazed at the coverage. Using it is as simple as parting your hair, spraying and repeating on the next parting. Here are the before and after photos from the other day. Sorry it is not the same parting. I didn’t think of photos till it was almost too late.

The downside of the spray is that it feels dry and slightly sticky to touch. If you run your fingers through your hair a lot, then this is not for you. The colour gets onto your finger tips. But if, like me, you mostly wear your hair up, then give it a go.

On the plus side, it covers grey well, the colour lasts a couple of days and doesn’t brush out. It washes out completely when you next wash your hair.


Hair root concealer is no replacement for dying your hair, but for a quick save when you haven’t the time to dye your hair or your roots are showing too much before your next hair appointment, it is perfect.

I can see myself using this when I am back at work for those days when I look in the mirror in the morning and realise I still have a day or two before I can get to the hairdresser or have to get through a day of client meetings before I can put in my dye.

[This is not a sponsored post. I bought and paid for the product myself as a spontaneous purchase in July 2016. I am recommending the spray because I find it works for me and may work equally well for others who suffer from premature greyness].


One thought on “Go Away Grey – Trying Out Root Concealer Spray

  1. Oh man I hate grey roots! And if you have brown hair of course it’s more obvious! That spray looks good, I must try it. I tried dying my roots with a “Tönung” recently which washes out gradually and it actually worked quite well. The greys looked a lighter brown colour after I used it (compared to dark brown on the box) but at least it looks better than the stark contrast and gives me more time before going back to the hairdresser which is expensive!

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