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Back home in Ireland this summer, with lots of car travel and visits to people,  I realised how much I miss great radio. Listening to the news, the chat, the fantastic music – even the ads! – whether in the car or in the background in someone’s kitchen  is something I really enjoyed during this trip home.

German radio just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know whether it is the overplaying of 80s music on almost all stations or the really, really bad comedians or the cringe-making ads, but I just haven’t warmed to it. The Germans seem to  like it though, and I have gotten used to it.

A few months back our kitchen radio died and I haven’t gotten round to replacing it yet.  It was a basic one but it was a bit of company in the kitchen and kept me up to date with the news. Now, fresh from my trip to Ireland, I have decided to do something about this radiolessness (i know that that  is not a word. I am going to get a digital radio with internet radio. A splurge, yes, but one that’ll be worth it. Of that I am sure.

But which one? I’ve been looking online and reading some reviews but, to be honest, I can’t make up my mind.

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I am very fond of the retro look that VQ (View Quest) and Roberts have out. The MyVQ Emma Bridgewater designs are gorgeous. This Blue Daisy is so pretty.  It would go equally well in my kitchen, my craft corner or my garden.

This one would be my absolute favourite, looks-wise.

The radios with a wooden exterior are versatile too and would probably be more popular among the men of this house, if I was to ask them. If I opt for one of them, then it’ll be one of the more retro-looking versions I think.

Over on Pinterest I have been browsing the various models in all sorts of settings. Before I get completely carried away with looks, I need to think about the technical side of things.


But you can’t just go on looks can you? The Pure, Revo and Ruark radios are supposed to be excellent too. I haven’t got a great ear for telling the difference between good and amazing when it comes to sound quality. But if I am getting a new radio, I would like the sound to be great rather than just ok.

In summary, what I am looking for is

 – something pretty for our home

 – decent sound quality

 – from a reputable company

 – internet radio

 – usb connection for my phone

So, if you have any tips, please, please, please help me decide by leaving a comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Digital Radio – Spoilt For Choice

  1. If I were you, I’d get a small sonos speaker and use my phone to choose any music or radio station. The speaker is modern in style, yes, but would fit in well with a retro kitchen or decoration. You can plug it in wherever you like and the sound is excellent!
    We have one in each room and love not having to change CDs.

  2. I don’t really have any tips but I love the look and style of retro radios, I personally love the look of the Roberts ones which come in all different colours #HomeEtc

  3. I had a VQ one and it randomly stopped working one day and never worked again. Their support tried to help, but no luck. One week after the guarantee ran out 🙁 We’ve had Roberts and Pure and both have lasted years (decades!)

  4. I’ve got Roberts, VQ and Pure and looks-wise the VQ wins but for choice of station the Pure is the best by far. It picks up internet stations which — as my dad runs an internet based Northern Soul station that you can only get online — it means I can listed to OkayFM in the kitchen or the bath without my computer 🙂 Cxx #HomeEtc

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