What The Toddler Said

A month or so ago, over dinner one evening, we made a list of the words Number Three could say. We came up with about thirty-six. We had good intentions to keep the list going, but didn’t manage to.

By now Number Three’s volcabulary has expanded to 100 or more words. From the simple things like “up” and “down” to the essentials like “nappy”, “wee wee”, “soup” (dinner) and “more” to his best friend’s name, the list is fairly comprehensive.

Once you start to pay attention to the words in the vocabulary of a small child, you begin to see what is really important to them.

Conversations tend to go like this:

No. 3: Mama, mama, mama

Me: What is it, love?

No. 3: Papa? Papa?

Me: Papa is at work.

No. 3: Boys?

Me: The boys are at school

No. 3: Weeties? (sweets)

Me: No

No. 3: Maaaamaaaa, Maaaamaaaa! [tantrum ensues]

Alternative Ending

No. 3: Weeties? (sweets)

Me: No

No. 3: Boppie? (bottle)

Me: OK

No. 3 [throws arms up in the air]: Boppie! Yay!


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21 thoughts on “What The Toddler Said

  1. Ah, so cute! My third son also asks for his brothers when they’re at school. “Where are my brubbers?” he says. He’s just turned 3 and can pronounce ‘brothers’ properly now but they’ve been ‘brubbers’ for over a year now so I suspect the word is here to stay! #ftmob

    1. Ah, that’s lovely. Things like that can be so endearing, can’t they? The big brothers are such an automatic role model for the younger ones. No wonder he misses them.

  2. Oh how right you are – it is such an insight into their perception of the world! My daughter has a growing vocabulary, but she knows ‘broken’. i type this as her older brother repeatedly smashes her walk-along duck onto the floor…
    x Alice

  3. Awww bless him! My little one also has her own version for ‘sweets’. She says ‘weeties!’ (see, plural!). I don’t think a sweet went past the mouth of my third before he was 3, but #4 was weaned on sweets and chocolate, ha ha! #ftmob

  4. Oh bless, that is so adorable. Love it when their vocabularies expand and you really get that glimpse into the important things in their lives. Glad to hear that “weeties” and “boppie” come after Mama, Papa and the boys though! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  5. Oh, this is lovely! I look forward to my son’s vocabulary expanding a little bit more – currently he doesn’t say Mummy really, but ‘bubbles’ is all I’ve heard this week! Guess we can work out what’s important to him! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Well, bubbles are one of THE most important things in a toddler’s life. You are probably so important to him that his saying your name would just be too obvious. You know how little ones are 😉

  6. So cute and funny! My son is 20 months and has just started to string words together, like “wuts dis?” (whats this?) “weres gon?” (where’s gone?) and “were goin?” (where are you going?) – i love it!! Their inquisitive nature coming out 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  7. It’s so nice to make a list of words your child can say! I have a few of them for my kid. And I agree the list shows what they think is most important in this world. Lovely photo, it made me smile! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk x

  8. Aww this is so sweet, I started trying to capture all of Monkey’s words too but ended up loosing count and not being able to record them all – they learn so fast. Bless them. Thank you for joining with us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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