Magnet Making With Sugru

My sister is one of the best gift-givers I know. From the snuggly cat and walking, barking dog for animal-loving Number Two to the meatball-maker for The Bavarian, she has the best ideas.

For Christmas I got two fantastic presents from my sister which are right up my street – a food photography book and a Sugru magnet set. I had no idea what Sugru was but after reading the leaflet and giving it a go, I am a convert.

Without wanting to sound like a sales pitch, Sugru is a glue you can mold, like BluTac, but it hardens to a kind of rubber. It is so easy to use. And mess free, which is a great thing for a glue.

For my first project , I decided to make a magnet for my blackboard wall in the kitchen. On our recent holiday in Italy, we did a lot of cooking. The Bavarian noticed that the brand of passata we had bought was called Mutti, which also happens to be a German word for mummy. The lid of the passata jar was so pretty, I kept it as a souvenir.


Back at home, I remembered the Sugru set and rooted it out. It was so easy to make the magnet that I was able to do it while frying mince for moussaka.

What I used:

1 sachet Sugru

1 magnet

1 bottle lid

1 metal washer

A scissors


First I made sure the washer and lid were clean, dry and not greasy. Then I cut open the pack of Sugru and took out half.


I molded the Sugru into a cone shape and placed it, flat side down onto the magnet. Then I pressed the magnet onto the bottle lid, letting the Sugru squidge up around the edge of the magnet.


Using the other half of the Sugru, I formed another cone and stuck it onto the washer then pressed the washer onto the blackboard. After that I had to leave both the magnet and the washer for 24 hours to cure.

That was it. It took all of 2 minutes to make and I am so pleased with my homemade holiday souvenir. It is so practical – I can stick it to the fridge or to the designated spot on the blackboard, out of the children’s reach. Plus any other magnet we have can be stuck to that washer on the blackbord either.


I have a feeling the other two sachets of Sugru won’t be long getting used up. I now have plans for a pinboard and think I might invest in some colourful Sugru for that.


16 thoughts on “Magnet Making With Sugru

    1. It is a lot of fun Lins, plus quick and mess free. It is really versatile too. I have loads of plans for it and have it in the kitchen all the time in case I am struck by another idea that I can immediately deal with 😉

  1. I’ve heard of Sugru but was never quite sure how it worked…it sounds amazing!! I can see it being a very addictive little product, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you do with yours and getting some coloured one sounds like a must! #HomeEtc

  2. Ooh I have never seen this before? Love what you have done with it – I ail have to look out for it So great to have found your lovely blog via #HomeEtc.

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