Brightening Up The Bedroom

There’s no doubt about it, the weather has picked up and summer is on the way. I’ve noticed waking up with a stuffed up head – a sure sign for me that spring is here and summer not far off.

But it is perfect weather for airing our duvets, getting the covers washed and out on the line and watching them billow in the breeze. It’s perfect weather for the garden too. It has been coming into bloom and, over the past few weeks, we have given the garden quite a bit of attention to get it looking its best for the time of year.

Bit by bit I have been bringing the outdoors in by gathering tulips, grape hyacinths or bluebells to dot around the house – the kitchen windowsill, the coffee table, beside the bathroom mirror – in little glass vases. They make make the house feel so happy and bright.

The only rooms that haven’t benefitted from the arrival of spring are the bedrooms. Month in, month out they seem to stay the same, the only difference being that we have had to start closing the wooden shutters on the boys’ windows at bedtime now that the evenings are brighter.

In our mostly male household, the changing seasons are irrelevant to how the bedrooms are styled. Number Two loves his woodland animals and his spaceman print bedclothes, regardless of season. Number One’s bed generally gets stripped and re-made with the same covers (washed and dried, but not ironed) later in the day because he loves his blue and white leaf pattern Ikea duvet cover so much.

As for The Bavarian – bedclothes are of little relevance to him at all. Unless they have a floral print, that is, in which case he notices and turns up his nose. I am surrounded by checks and stripes with the occasional paisley design thrown in to mix things up a bit. That’s about as close to floral as our bedroom gets, but it doesn’t stop me looking.

Our bedroom is green and white with a wooden floor and one small-ish window, so it could do with some pretty pastels to take it into more of a spring / summer look. Lately I’ve been eyeing up some lovely duvet cover sets and these are my spring / summer favourites. Last autumn I came across some very nice duvet sets online at Yorkshire Linen Co. so I popped back there for a look, as well as Laura Ashley, one of my all-time fabric designers.

Top row: (L) Laura Ashley Aviary Garden (photo credit), (R) Yorkshire Linen Palonia Fuchsia (photo credit)

Bottom row: (L) Canterbury Grey (photo credit) (M) Summer Palace   (photo credit)(R) Eloise Grey (photo credit)

Tempting aren’t they? And all available to buy online too. German bedclothes are, unfortunately, not the prettiest so I generally buy mine online or on holiday. The more I look at the pictures I chosed, the more I think that the Canterbury Grey could be the right mix of floral-but-not-too-girly for me to get away with to brighten up the bedroom.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. Nevertheless, all opinions and words are my own.






17 thoughts on “Brightening Up The Bedroom

  1. Great selection of duvet covers. I love the bottom three the most, defenitely bringing the feeling if summer inside. #HomeEtc

  2. It’s funny isn’t it how boys have feelings and preferences about their bedding but when they get to men abandon all care about it – what’s that all about? 🙂 I didn’t know that the choices in Germany were not so good, what a shame. #HomeEtc

  3. I LOVE anything floral, not that it would be allowed in our bedroom. I do like the top left duvet set, it’s very green and outdoorsy.

  4. Ooh yes, I love that grey one too! I often lust after beautiful patterned and floral bedding. I have realised that in order to use it, you need a neutral (or plain) pallet in the rest of the room. I’m planning to update our spare bedroom soon and my plan is to stick with plain walls so that I have an excuse to buy all the brightly patterned bedding my heart desires!! Thanks for sharing. #HomeEtc

  5. I love the green one — although I very rarely go for patterned bedding in our room. I always opt for white and if I’m feeing daring a bit of grey or soft pink 😉 Love patterns for our guest rooms though! Thanks so much for linking up lovely! By the way — I chased again last week for your gift card. He’s still on holiday so a lady called Fran is on the case. She said she’ll post it first thing on Monday. So sorry for the delay!! #HomeEtc

    1. At the rate we manage to spill coffee onto the bedclothes, white is a definite no go for us 🙂 I do love the look of it though and have white in the guest room.
      Thanks so much for chasing up on the gift card. It would be great to have it to spend on my hols in July.

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