….. and relax.

Late last year I wasn’t so well. I managed to develop gastritis, somehow. A bout of medication cleared it up, but the doctor warned me to take things easy.

Not an easily stressed person, I like to be busy. I tend to take on what others consider too much, and sometimes I feel it myself. Generally, though,  I don’t.

For the next five months I will still be off work on parental leave. For years and years after that I won’t have the chance to be master of my own time as much as I am now. So I have decided to use my time wisely.

But this time wisely doesn’t equate to packing in as much as I can. Wisely means taking time to do more relaxing – with my family, with my friends or alone. I’m learning to squeeze in pockets of me time where I can.

This week has seen me giving in to the coluring books for grown ups fad. (I don’t like the term adult colouring book. It sounds a bit dodgy, like colouring in the Kamasutra). It came about by chance. My sister, wonderful gift-giver that she is, gave me a present of a subscription to Irish Country Magazine for my birthday. Each issue has a colouring page at the back. I loved the idea when I first saw it and meant to give it ago.


Snatching a few minutes of time here and there to colour was lovely. It was time I would usually have used to wipe the table, browse Twitter or clear up some mess or other.

Spending a little bit of time considering colour and pattern instead was a welcome change. The house didn’t fall apart, the children weren’t neglected, all the important stuff got done.


This month I finally did it! I had to borrow the children’s markers. I was limited in my choice of colours because the boys are not too great at putting the lid back on properly. I may have to play them that clip from Friends. You know the one. If ever proof was needed that I am not Monica, the fact that most markers in out house are dried out and lid-less is it.



But questions were asked.

“What (in the name of God) are you doing?” asked The Bavarian as I sat in our big armchair and coloured while he watched TV.

“Mammy why are you colouring?”asked Number Two while he played and I sat at the playroom craft table, colouring.

“Can I have a go?” was inevitable of course, Mammy’s colouring book being so much more interesting that any of the tons of ones the children have, untouched.


Since finishing the colouring page last night, I have been dying to get started on another. But first I’m treating myself to some nice felt tip pens.


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  1. Your page turned out lovely – the patterns & colours are really beautiful. My kids would be the same & we too have a stack of untouched colouring books! It’s not easy to take it easy when you like to keep busy but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Thank you for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk

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