Counting Down To Easter With Kids – Coffee Filter Bunnies

 Over the last few years I have seen these coffee filter Easter bunnies made by our kindergarten kids and by the school children at our primary school too. I find them really cute and they are quite simple to make.
When making these with small children, your best bet is to draw and cut out all the pieces first before getting the children involved. Thier patience probably won’t stretch to watching you prepare the paper shapes.
For older children (4 years and upwards), let them draw their own rabbit ears, head and paws. They will probably need help with the eggs and the basket.
What you’ll need for this activity is:
Paper or card in various colours – brown, beige or grey for the rabbit fur, pink or white for inside the ears, brown for the basket and whatever colours you like for the eggs.
A pencil for drawing with
A black felt tip pen for drawing the face
A scissors for cutting out with
Glue for sticking
A coffee filter (or some card or wallpaper cut to the right shape) for the body


Step 1: Draw the head, paws, feet and ears on the colour of card you will be using for the bunny’s fur, as shown in the photo above. Then cut them out.
Step 2: Draw the inner pieces of the ears and a little heart shape for the nose onto another colour of card and cut them out.
Step 3: Draw the basket (a circle with a smaller semicircle cut out of it) and some eggs and cut them out. The eggs look very pretty is you cut them out of patterned paper.
Step 4: Assemble all the parts, as shown in the photo below.


Step 5: Before gluing the parts to the coffee filter, draw a face onto the bunny and draw two short strokes on each of the paws, as shown in the photos below.
Step 6: Draw a woven pattern onto the basket, as shown in the photo below. Then turn the basket over and stick the eggs in place.
Step 7: Glue all of the parts together. Now your bunny should look something like the one in this photo.

Step 8: Now you can decide what to do with your bunny. They look quite nice as a window display, attached to the window with tack or double-sided sticky tape.

Alternatively you can stand your bunny up by cutting a toilet roll insert in half and placing the open coffee filter over it.


Now your bunny is finished and ready for Easter to arrive.



7 thoughts on “Counting Down To Easter With Kids – Coffee Filter Bunnies

  1. It looks really cute! Love alternative ideas for household items, the coffee filters are the best idea for a rabbit body. A cute and easy ideas for a little ones Easter craft. Thanks for linking up to #HowtoSunday 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Jenny. I saw school and kindergarten make these with the kids a few times and they looked so cute that I had to try it myself. Thanks for popping by. I will add the badge. Sorry about that.

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