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Last Friday, in my 5 under €5 post, I mentioned my new favourite second hand shop. Anyone who is a regular reader will know that
anything old is my kind of thing. So, finding a new place where I can look at and buy old stuff is always a good thing.
Projektschmiede in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany is not so much a shop as a warehouse. We have been in Rothenburg dozens of times over the past ten years but never noticed Projektschmiede until the weekend before last when we were in town to watch our nephew in a football tournament.
Now, I am not a sports fan but I have never been happier to have been to a football match than I was that day! Having spotted the warehouse while stopped at the lights on the way to the sports hall, I waited till a gap in matches and snuck off with Number Three to check out Projektschmiede.

Before I even got in the door of the place, I was thrilled. Outside the entrance was shelf upon shelf of jars in all shapes and sizes. But when I turned around and saw all these plant pot holders arranged by colour, I knew I had found a special place.

Inside I was not disappointed. First of all, there was the building itself – huge arched windows letting in tons of natural light, a red brick vaulted ceiling and a maze of rooms.
In the first couple of rooms the walls are lined with white shelving stacked with china and glassware of all kinds. From soup tureens to serving platters, sherry glasses to dinner plates, it is all there.



I didn’t buy this cute little tea set but I wish I had. €5! A steal.



There were more glasses than I have ever seen before in one place, and such pretty ones. I am definitely going to back. I simply could not decide which ones to buy.



What I really liked about the place was that the staff seemed to enjoy working there and they cared about the way the goods were displayed. Just look at this coffee pot display. (I admit the photo is not the best, but I had a toddler struggling to get off my hip as I took it).



The next room was bursting with furniture – a whole mix of stuff, a lot of it not my taste. But there were a few really nice pieces with potential – these wardrobes, a set of chairs with woven ratten backs (€24 each), a set of bedside lockers (€40 each).





There was even one room of toys, which included this gorgeous cot. It is actually a baby cot rather than a toy and, while the veneer was damaged in a few places, it had beautiful paintwork. €28 is all it cost. I had a difficult time not buying it, I can tell you.




The book section was laid out like a library with aisles of shelves stuffed with books, sorted properly into categories. There was even a wood-burning stove lit to cosy the place up!

This bookshelf caught my eye. I can imagine that a few coats of chalk paint in a smokey blue-grey, it could be beautiful.


I am so pleased to have come across this place and am going to have to set aside a little budget for my next visit.

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12 thoughts on “Projektschmiede Second Hand Wonderland

  1. It looks like a proper little treasure trove, what a great little place to stumble across. I love finding places that make you so excited, I love the coffee pots, I don't even drink coffee but I would still be tempted to buy one! Hope you get to go back in peace to have a good look round! #HomeEtc

  2. I am thrilled that I have found it and that I can go back again and again. Don't the coffee pots look great.? Much better in real life. The photos are not my best work this time.

  3. It is great Lizzie, and it has been there nearly 20 years, so they must always have good stuff 🙂 I loved too how they had the place set up – so much more like a real shop than a junk shop.

  4. OHMYGOD!! I NEED to go to this shop!!!!!!!!! This is literally my favourite kind of place, in the whole wide world. Why, why WHY didn't you buy the little teapot set?????? Are you mad?? I'd have snapped it up!!! Along with loads of other stuff, I'll wager — what a gorgeous find!!! I NEED TO COME TO GERMANY!!!!!!! xx

    Thanks so much for linking up with us — I hope you can join us again tomorrow from 6am on #HomeEtc

  5. Mine too Caro. I am in my element in second hand shops and junky yards!
    Yes! Come over. You would love it. But you'll need to bring the car. And caravan.

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