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Our Week In Dinners, 24th-31st January

For the past year I have been reading lots of blogs from the Irish Parenting Bloggers and every so often I come across a mention of Sinead’s (from Bumbles of Rice) week in dinners. I think this little linky is a great idea and had been keeping an eye out for it. 

Well, on Monday morning, just as I came in the door with the grocery shopping, my phone pinged with an e-mail – Sinead has started her linky again. If you are interested in joining, here is the link.

Dinners in our house are a bit confusing. You see, for the last 17 months Number Two hasn’t got his full-day place in kindergarten anymore. So he comes home for lunch. Number One gets a hot meal at school in the middle of the day Monday to Wednesday and The Bavarian eats his dinner in the canteen at work in the middle of the day. 

Often Number Three, Number Two and I have our dinner in the middle of the day, with Number One joining us on Thursdays and Fridays. The problem is, I am a dinner-in-the-evening, lunch-at-lunchtime kind of person. Try as I might, I just can’t get used to dinner in the day. I try to get round this by making a hearty soup like Minestrone  for the middle of the day. But there are some days when I make dinner twice. 

There are others when I don’t eat a warm meal at all because no-one wants one. On those kind of days we have “kalt” for dinner. Kalt is the German word for cold and my children use it to mean having what we called a tea-dinner in my house when I was a child – bread, cheese, cold meats, maybe a salad and a fruit platter and some yogurts.

The past week  of dinners (whether eaten at lunchtime or dinnertime) looked like this.

On Sunday we grazed. I had had a dinner party the previous night and had served mezze / tapas type dishes. There was enough left over to feed us all whenever we got hungry throughout the day. This is what the original meal looked like.

Front the bottom of the picture to the top, there was garlicky flatbread, Parma ham, Puy lentils, marinated olives, red pepper hummus, feta and spinach filo rolls, baba ganoush, cherry tomato salad, Irish salmon with dill and caper dressing, grilled courgettes with mozzerella and my version of The Busy Mama’s bread. All homemade and well worth the hours spent in the kitchen on Saturday.

Originally I had planned a roast chicken for Sunday but what with all the leftovers, it made no sense to cook it. I roasted it for Monday evening. I happen to have goose fat in the fridge, so it rubbed it all over the chicken along with some herbed salt and roasted it for 2 hours at 150°C. For the last 20 minutes I gave it a blast at 200°C to crisp up the skin. I hadn’t time for stuffing but i did shove some garlic and a bunch of flat-leaf parsley into the chicken before roasting it. Number One wanted roast potatoes, as did I, and Number Two wanted mash, so I made both as well as carrots and gravy.  
The picture shows the previous weekend’s chicken. I made it exactly the same way and just prepared mre veg and no mash. 


Since I had lentils and chickpeas in the house for the dinner party, I decided to use them up and make a tasty stew. Unfortunately I a the only chickpea eater in the house. I got three meals out of it and can’t remember what the others ate. Probably “kalt”.

The boys’ new favourite soup is chicken noodle. We are in the lucky position of still being able to get two days out of a meduim-sized chicken. 
I took most of the remaining meat off the chicken and made stock with an onion, a carrot, a few black peppercorns and some parsley. After simmering it for about 90 minutes or so, I strained it, brought it to the boil, seasoned it with salt and pepper and added broken up spaghetti to it. When the pasta was almost done, I added the chicken meat. 
Poor Number Three couldn’t understand when it was all gone. He kept walking over to the hob with a bowl looking for “moh” (more).

I had made bolognese on Thursday night for Friday’s lunch and there was enough left over for the kids to have their dinner from it. It was eaten with spaghetti at lunchtime and with cheese-filled tortellini in the evening. 
The Bavarian and I had a Thai green curry with peppers, brocolli and carrot. The picture shows the one I made the previous week with prawns in stead of brocolli. The Bavarian wasn’t too thrilled with the lack of prawns this time, but he got over it. 

While I was out at the shops for an hour on Saturday morning, THe Bavarian made Frikadellen, a German meat patty somewhere between a meatball and a hamburger. We ate them at lunchtime with bread rolls and intended cooking in the evening. By the time evening came round, the headache I had woken up with was still there and I had been sneezing all afternoon, so we scrapped our cooking plans and ate “kalt”. That looked something like this.

5 thoughts on “Our Week In Dinners, 24th-31st January

  1. Its really interesting to have a nose at what other people eat during the week! Especially so when you have some international dishes in there too. I wish I had more time to cook from scratch like this because I do enjoy it.

  2. With all the comings and goings in your house you have to be very inventive and flexible I would think! I like that idea of bolognese with cheese-filled pasta 🙂

  3. That is it exactly! Today Numnber Two and I had last night's leftover dinner for lunch. Other days we have leftover lunch for dinner. But whatever happens, we all get fed, that's for sure.

  4. Thanks Samantha. I am so happy when I get the time to do some real cooking rather than the everyday pasta or mash and fish fingers. Being at home at the moment is great for that.I'll miss it when I go back to work.

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