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The Ups and Downs of This Week

Some weeks go by and are instantly forgotten. There is nothing memorable about them, just the usual humdrum of normal family life. Then there are others that stand out as particularly good or bad. For us, this week was one of ups and downs. 

The Ups
 – Number One is getting more and more into reading to himself as a form of entertainment. While Number Two was at football training, he took out a book and read it from cover to cover and didn’t once say he was bored waiting.
 – Number Two asked to go to football training. He stuck out the whole 75 minutes and enjoyed it. He is getting more and confident in himself and his abilities.
 – Number Three slept through the night for the first time on Thursday (a major high point of the week) and learnt to high-five The Bavarian the following morning.
 – The Irish Times newspaper printed my article in praise of German food

The Downs
 – I scraped someone’s bumper in a car park while reversing and now have to fork out for the repair.
 – Number Three escaped out the door while I was getting ready to leave the house and fell down the back step, banging his head on the paving slabs.
 – The Bavarian got a short bout of man flu.
 – Number One and I got into a big row over whether or not he looks carefully before crossing the road.
 – With all the rushing about this week, I forgot my very good friend’s birthday on Thursday.
Looking back now, having written it all down, I would say the highlights outweigh the low points. After all, we are all still alive and well with a roof over our heads. So I am classing it as a good week. Here’s to a happy weekend!

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