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Number Three’s Bedroom Update

A few months ago I wrote a post about how I was unsure of how to pull Number Three’s bedroom together. There was a huge mix of colour in there. Being the third boy, he had a room full of hand-me-downs with a smattering of presents he had been given.

Thanks to you, my lovely readers, and the feedback you gave me, I decided to pick up on the blue elements in the room. The other option I was considering was to go with primary colours but deep down that felt like the lazy option. 

As I tidied and sorted over the course of the following weeks, I noticed just how much blue there was in various items around his room and in a couple of gifts he had been given for his christening.

Once I had gathered them all together, I busied myself one bright morning with finding places for them as well as tidying away a lot of clutter that had gathered in the room while he was still sleeping in with us. 
The top of the chest of drawers now displays some of Number Three’s gifts

I love the elephant on this ceramic money box my aunt gave Number Three as a christening present. The hardback copy of The Wind In The Willows was a gift from my sister to him.
A friend sent us this picture frame as a gift when Number Three was born. It is perfect for holding five snaps – a family photo, one of the three boys and one of each of the boys. The alphabet memory box in the background was another gift and gave me the initial inspiration to bring out the blue in the room against the greenish-yellow wallpaper.
The changing table is another hand-me-down in the room but with this lovely holder for bit and bobs the blue theme and the elephant appear again and it all ties in nicely. The holder is part of the Die Spiegelburg Babyglueck series and was a present from a colleague.
It was only as I was taking photos of the room that I realised the Ikea lampshade was already a blue-green combination. It never tied in with the colour scheme we had when the room was Number Two’s. 
Friends gave Number Three this blue wooden name plate. I had been planning to attach it to the bedroom door but found that it brightens up the chest of drawers nicely. 
Blue and green are the main colours of in the play area beside the cot now too.  

I am so pleased with how the room looks now (well, on the days when it is tidy. How a toddler’s bedroom gets into such disarray is beyond me). It cost nothing to take a muddle of a room and turn it into something pretty. A few hours work and some thought, as well as your comments, got the place turned around. 

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8 thoughts on “Number Three’s Bedroom Update

  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes those colour schemes are already there without you even realising it? And it's really lovely that you've been able to capture/collect together some beautiful gifts and meaningful items from family and friends. I know what you mean about trying to keep things tidy though, it feels impossible and we don't have little ones at home!! X #HomeEtc

  2. Gosh — I'm SO with you!! Keeping a toddlers room tidy is a constants battle. Luckily most of the boys' toys are downstairs in the snug but they still manage to ransack all the books when they're let loose in their bedroom!

    Bet your wee lad loves his new room — so nice that you've got the blue and green tying it all together 🙂 xx Thanks so much for linking up with us at #HomeEtc

  3. Amazing isn't it how messy the can make a place? With two in your house it must be quite a muddle when they've both been pulling everything out!
    Number Three is at an age now (almost 15 months) where everything within reach is interesting – books get pulled out, building blocks scattered, cars get whooshed around the place. But now that the room is tidy and decluttered he has room to do that.

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