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How to Save A Baking Fail – The Invention of Carrot Cake Cookies

See this woopie pie looking creation? It was supposed to be a bog standard carrot cake. Honest. It was. 

The other week I got a bit carried away while doing the groceries and came home with three types of carrot – violet ones, yellow ones and the normal orange ones. The kids liked the look of them when I chopped them into sticks but weren’t too impressed when they realised they taste the same as the regular raw carrots. 

Then we tried cooking them. Together in one pot. Let’s just say big mistake. They, and the water we cooked them in, all turned dark bluey purple and looked less than appetising. 

So, what do you do with violet carrots that are getting older by the day and no one wants to eat? My solution was to make carrot cake using my tried and tested recipe. I have been using this recipe for seven years and it has ALWAYS worked. But for some reason on this particular day I suddenly had visions of beautiful carrot cupcakes with purple cream cheese frosting piled high upon them. I decided at the last minute to pour the cake mixture into silicon muffin cases instead of a cake tin. 

Then I set to work on the frosting. I had an idea that I could boil some of the carrots, reduce the water after boiling and create my own food colouring in deep purple. To my utter delight, it worked. I could barely wait to get the cupcakes out of the oven and start assembling them.


And then came the fail moment. The cupcakes were stuck like glue to the silicon. The tops came off as soon as I tried to ease them out. Just as I was about to call the boys and let them gobble the whole lot down, straight from the muffin cases, it struck me that the muffin tops looked quite like cookies. And filled cookies taste great, don’t they? So I gave it a go, sanwiching two muffin tops together with cream cheese frosting. The Bavarian was allowed the first try, completely ignorant of the fact that he was acting as guinea pig. He wolfed it down enjoyed it thoroughly and asked for another. The boys were mad for them too, so much so that I think I am going to have to make them again. And so the carrot cake cookie was born! 

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