Dusting Off The Winter Projects

The other day the sitting room got a good clean. The kind where the glass gets removed from the coffee table and the crumbs get cleared out of the grooves between the wooden frame and the glass. The kind where the window sills get washed. The once-in-a-blue-moon kind of a clean. 

I could regale you with semi-amusing blog posts like 6 Things I Found Under The Sofa or Pieces of Toys That I Hoovered Up On Purpose Because I Want Rid Of Them but I won’t. Not today anyway. As I washed, polished, hoovered and tidied, I found my wool basket, complete with my incomplete crochet project from last winter. 

Hands up who has literally had to dust off their last year’s craft project? No? Just me? Ok. Well anyway….I have decided it is officially time to hit the couch earlier in the evenings and get back into my wooly winter projects. 

What are you up to on these cold dark evenings?

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