Days Like This

There are days when you think to yourself “Was that today? It feels like ages ago!”. Today was one of those days in a good way. When I think back to this morning, it seems like it should be about two days ago, I have packed so much into today. Yet it wasn’t a busy day. It was an easy day. Relaxed. If every day was like this, life would be a doddle.
08:00 My volunteer hour at the local primary school went really well. A couple of the children had made great progress in reading and in behaviour since last week and it was brilliant to see that they were happy to see me again. 

09:00 Just as I left the school I got a text from a friend to ask if I want to call over for coffee, straight away. So I popped home, picked up Number Three from The Bavarian, packaged up a pretty parcel of walnuts from the garden with twine and rosehips and hit the road again.

10:00 Number Three and my friend’s little fella played brilliantly together while T and I caught up over coffee in her playroom.

12:00 Picked up Number Two from Kindergarten. Put on a wash. Mixed up a yeast dough for wheat and rye bread. Swept the kitchen floor.
13:00 Made an big omlette and ate lunch with The Bavarian, Number Two and Number Three. Swept the kitchen floor.

14:00 Painted the first coat of a blackboard on the kitchen wall. Taught Number Two how to write the letter “a”. Texted a neighbour to arrange to call in and say hi later in the afternoon.
15:00 Emptied and filled the dishwasher. Swept the kitchen floor. Got the children ready for going for a cycle. Went to the bank. Cycled to my neighbour with The Bavarian, Number Three and Number Two. 

16:00 Parted company with Number Two and The Bavarian to have coffee and cake with my lovely neighbour and let Number Three play with her little daughter.

17:00 Cycled home to find The Bavarian, Number Two, Number Three and a couple of his school friends gathering up walnuts in the garden. Took a stew out of the freezer for dinner. Hung up the wash.

18:00 Bathed the kids, filthy from helping in the garden while The Bavarian heated the stew and cooked potatoes. Dried the kids and got them into their PJs. Had dinner with the family and made plans for tomorrow. 

19:00 Cooked a batch of green tomato relish with Number Two and Number One while The Bavarian put Number Three to bed.  
20:00 Put the boys to bed then did a spot of online shopping before applying the second layer of blackboard paint. 

21:00 Made a cup of tea and sat down with the TV and the laptop and wondered what kind of a day tomorrow will be.

P.S. The Bavarian being on paternity leave at the moment may possibly have contributed to the day. 

And then the fun began...
The Free Range Family

10 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. Well, it did help that my husband was around to take on some of the normal chores like dinner and the school pick up, but yes, it was a pretty good day all round. x

  2. Sounds like a busy day and a good one. I think I might write down everything I do in a day – will probably make me realise how much I achieve even when it feels like I'm hardly getting anything done! #thetruthabout

  3. This paints a picture of such domestic bliss! And yes, to achieve so many nice little things in one day is really satisfying and a great way to have used every moment in the day productively without actually feeling like you were on some sort of military schedule! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X

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