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Making an Autumn Wreath and A Centrepiece

Recently I started volunteering a bit more at Number One’s primary school. Today was my first day lending a helping hand in the classroom and do you know what, I actually learned something. I know they say you learn something new every day and I know I do almost every day. But being back in a classroom and hearing a teacher say something I didn’t know was a bit of a throwback. 

To cut a long story short, what I learned was that today, 23rd September 2015, is the autumnal equinox. I had planned to post something completely different here today, but given my newly aquired knowledge, I feel it apt to share something autumnal. 

On returning from the school, I did a quick bit of gardening. Well, weeding really. Badly needed weeding, if I am honest. My German neighbours put me to shame with their neat front gardens and their weeded and swept footpaths. As a little reward to myself when the weeding was done, I snipped a few branches from the rosebush and gathered up some fallen leaves and walnuts from the patio with the aim of making a table decoration or wreath to bring a bit of Autumn feeling into the house.

To the material I had gathered outside I added the following:
some garden wire
a large three-wicked candle
a straight-sided glass bowl
some red and white bakers’ twine
some buttons
an embroidery ring
a decorative scissors
washi tape
And a cup of coffee. Then I got to work, with Number Three only too eager to lend a helping hand, especially when it came to getting his hands on the secateurs or the candle, in true toddler fashion.

To Make a Traditional Decorative Wreath
Cut a length of wire. I used a piece approximately 40cm long. Wind it around a branch of the rosebush with plenty of rosehips on it. 

Then form the branch to a circle and wind the two ends of wire together to hold it in place. Look at both sides and decide which is the front and which is the back of your wreath. Next cut a length of twine and wind this around the wreath, arranging and fastening the leaves and rosehips in place at the front as you go. Tie both ends of the twine together. Now decide which end is up and loop a ribbon around that part. I tend to choose the barest-looking patch of the wreath as the top. The ribbon disguises it. 

At this stage you can, if you choose to, add some other elements. I added some of the walnuts from our garden but you could use acorns, chestnuts or a few crisp, dry leaves. 

Apart from the fact that we have an abundance of walnuts, I love that when carefully cracked they reveal a heart shape.

To Make a Craft-Themed Wreath
Having finished one wreath with a toddler running round me, I thought I might as well use up some more of my material and make a second one. This time round I went for a craft-theme. 

As a base for the wreath I used my embroidery ring. I wound a small rose twig around one side, with the rosehips hanging at six o’clock, if you get me. Then I fastened it in place with bakers’ twine. Still using the twine, I threaded a couple of buttons and a small decorative scissors onto it and stretched this across the ring a couple of times. With the end of the twine I made a loop for hanging the wreath from. As a finishing touch I tore a length of washi tape and added it across the centre.

To Make a Centrepiece
While I was fiddling round with nuts and rosehips anyway, I thought I’d make a nice autumnal centrepiece to brighten up the kitchen table.

I started by placing my candle in the centre of the glass bowl. Then I twisted lengths of rosebush around it.

I scattered walnuts in among the rosehips and then added a couple of apples from our apple tree to complete the autumn look. 

These don’t take a whole lot of time to make, especially the centrepiece, which can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. But they do bring an instant bit of seasonal feel to a room or entrance hall. 

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8 thoughts on “Making an Autumn Wreath and A Centrepiece

  1. Thank you Stephanie. The candle centrepiece is so quick to make and you can put in whatever you like the look of – hips, haws, leaves, chestnuts, acorns, walnuts. You could also adapt it for a windowsill or mantle piece decoration, trailing the material across the area and placing a candle in among it.

  2. These are so beautiful!! Great minds too eh? Lizzie had linked up Autumn wreaths too!!! Lovely that your ideas are so different though 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us lovely xx

    PS — hope to see you again tomorrow on #HomeEtc

  3. Aw, thanks Caro. Yes, weren't Lizzie's pretty too! I saw some at the market on Saturday too. Different again to mine and Lizzie's but stunning colours.
    Definitely see you / read you tomorrow!

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