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Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop….

Back in May, I announced my intention to renovate a shabby, wobbly old nag of a rocking horse as a present for Number Three’s first birthday. I was full of inspiration and enthusiasm and had a baby who slept for about 90 minutes mid-morning, so I got off to a good start.

 But in mid-July, almost overnight, my baby became a toddler, sleeping less, starting to walk and generally scuppering his mammy’s grand plans. So poor horsey lay in pieces in the shed, stripped of his old red plastic, sanded down and wood-glued in places, waiting for the day when he would get his long-promised make-over.

As Number Three’s birthday loomed, I struggled to recapture my enthusiasm and get back to work. Just as I had begun again, Number One got sick and my time was limited again. 

So his birthday came and went. He got a book instead of a rocking horse. He felt rotten because of his fever and I felt terrible that my good intentions had come to nothing. 

Eventually, after a couple of days I got a burst of creative energy. I pulled a few night shifts and enlisted the help of The Bavarian, Number One and Number Two in design matters. Between us we agreed on a colour scheme. I gave the whole horse a second coat, painted the face details, covered the seat and plaited the reins. 

Just under a week after Number Three turned one, his present is finally ready and I cannot wait to see his reaction.

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17 thoughts on “Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop….

  1. What a lovely thing to do – so special because of the time you've put into it. This looks like such a safe rocking horse too, with all the sides to keep you in – my toddler goes mad on his and I always think he's going to fall off! Lovely project 🙂 #HomeEtc xx

  2. It really can be, yes. The hum drum day-to-day stuff tends to take over. But I glad that I got it finished. I am pleased with the result and the little fella seems to like it too.

  3. Thanks Jess. The reins are made from the leather that is used for those old table-type sewing machines. I had an unused one lying around and it suited perfectly.

  4. Thanks Lisa. Plaiting the reins was a last minute idea but I really liked the look of it once I tried it out. Number Three likes it but he is a bit too light yet to give it a good rocking. He'll grow into though.

  5. It looks much better now you've given it a makeover. I too know what it's like to set a date for a project to be set. I'm hoping I can achieve my project for my daughter's first birthday. #HomeEtc

  6. Thank you Helena. Good luck with your project! Sticking to dates can be tough with a baby in tow and with a goal like the first birthday you start to feel the pressure, don't you?

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