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Faking A Clean House

We all know how hard it is to have both a clean house and a family of small children. But don’t despair. There is a life hack for this. Here’s how to fake a clean house:

1. Hoover the hall stairs and landing.
2. Throw any clutter into an empty laundry basket.
3. Close all doors that lead off the hall, stairs and landing.
4. Hide the now full laundry basket somewhere like your bedroom, where visitors are unlikely to be.
5. If there is a mirror in your hall, polish it.
6. Clean the kitchen table, wipe it and put a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers (a small drinking glass witha few daisies in it will suffice) in the centre. 
7. Sweep the kitchen floor. 

Gaze at your clean-but-lived-in looking home, clap yourself on the back and hope that someone, if only the postman, calls before it reverts to the usual chaotic mess.

2 thoughts on “Faking A Clean House

  1. Love this list – I end up doing this quite often and sweeping things into cardboard boxes which I then hide in the spare room – the only problem is that I forget to deal with the clutter in the box afterwards and end up with a spare room full of boxes of clutter! 🙂

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