Did I really just say that?

Sometimes things come out of my mouth addressed to the children and I can hardly believe my own ears. If I overheard someone else utter these sentences, I would probably be appalled and feel quite superior in my parenting style. I’m not even talking about swear words or threats. It is sheer scenario-specific stuff which, heard out of context, sounds quite awful. Here’s a selection of my recent utterings.

 – Ah, don’t eat out of the bin, love!
 – Did you just do a wee wee on The Flash? (the superhero in Lego form, not the cleaning product)
 – Sit down and eat your pizza (said to my 11 month old. In my defense it was delicious, healthy, homemede from scratch pizza).
 – Playmobil men do not belong in the loo!
 – Stay still so I can pick your nose (again, said to my 11 month old who has a cold and whose nose was blocked).
 – No, there is nothing else till you finish your Nutella (in response to my five year old asking for a banana half-way through the Nutella sandwich he begged for).
 – Toilet roll is not a scarf!
 – No, don’t lick your shoes, pet!

In sharing this with you I am assuming that I am not the only parent who finds herself in these surreal situations. I really hope I am not wrong!
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17 thoughts on “Did I really just say that?

  1. Haha! I love the request for fruit being turned down until the Nutella is finished! I told my son today that he couldn't do drawing until his cbeebies programme was finished! How bad is that?! Your definitely not alone 🙂

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