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Best Diaspora Blog – Shortlisted!

Yesterday evening I received the mind-blowing news that this wee blog of mine has been shortlisted by the panel of The Irish Blog Awards in the Best Diaspora Blog category. 

It goes without saying that I am over the moon to have achieved this after only beginning this blog in late January of this year. 

For those who may be interested, you can find out a bit about me and The Bavarian and how I came to be living in Germany over in my About Us section. For my thoughts on life an an emigrant and how Germany has been good to me, have a read of my Irish Times Generation Emigration article. And for a bit more about Ireland, check out some of my posts here in my All Things Irish tab. 

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In the hope that some of you might vote for me, I’ll let you know when the voting has officially begun. It should be around the 7th September. 

In the meantime, thanks for reading. It’s great having you!

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