Avoiding Obesity In Your Family

We’ve all heard the statistics over the years on the increase in obesity. As soon as a new study is released, the papers are all over the issue pointing out the terrible future that awaits our children. It seems to me sometimes that there is an assumption that all children do no sport of any kind, are incurably lazy, addicted to screen of moving pictures and only eat sweets and junk food.

I know that not to be true, but rarely do you see a sensible article on how to not become obese. Very many of us were brought up with healthy attitudes to food, we have a certain amount of common sense and care about what we eat and about our health in general. But there are others who don’t live like that. Some would like to but find it hard. Some are misinformed, believing healthy eating to be out of their price range. Others simply don’t care. 

That is why we need to get the message out there that avoiding obesity is relatively easy. It is a matter of paying attention to what and how much you and your family eat. Treats should remain treats. Portions should be satisfying, not stuffing you to bursting. Drinks should quench thirst, not be a further source of sugar. Regardless of the weather, time should be spent outdoors daily.  It doesn’t cost the earth to change your lifestyle a little. In fact it may cost less than eating badly. Walking costs nothing and eating healthily doesn’t mean you should only buy organic, if you ask me. 

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is something I am an advocate of and that is why I was delighted to contribute to this article in the Irish Examiner which looks at why Ireland is forecast to become Europe’s most obese nation by 2030. Have a read and see if you need to change your lifestyle a bit. 

And then the fun began...

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Obesity In Your Family

  1. I think I definitely need to change my lifestyle a bit. I do try to eat healthily though but I get sucked in by cake and pastries! Comfort eating can be a big thing too. I wish my whole family ate healthier though. I know I'm going to have to be the strong one to say no more unhealthy snacks and eat more of the good stuff from now on! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  2. I live by the “everything in moderation” rule and I try to stick to reasonably-sized portions. Hoidays at home in Ireland are always tricky though with all the fish and chips I indulge in. In the long run though, it does pay off to eat your greens and let treats be treats.
    Be strong Sam! 🙂

  3. I've tried to change my lifestyle a few times and I've always slipped back into bad habits. But this summer I started slimming world. So far, so good!
    When you are on a slimming plan it does become apparent how many foods are full of rubbish – especially processed ones.
    Great post x

  4. Good for you Katie! My sister and a friend of mine both joined Slimming World and it went really well for them.
    I have moved on to almost only using real food and have cut out most processed stuff.

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