No Sign of Summer Ending

Warning: Some readers may find the graphic photos of real Summer, including sunshine, outdoor swimming and ice-creams upsetting or traumatic. These are not holiday snaps. They depict real life. Read on at own risk.

It is the evening of Sunday the 30th August. Many of you will be reading this while suffering from a combination of End of Summer Blues, Sunday Night Angst and Back To School Mayhem. I on the other hand live in a place where Summer starts in May, ends in late September and the schools don’t go back for another week. I am a lucky lady in lots of ways. 

As I type, it is night-time but still terribly hot and sticky. I may be far from home and away from my family and old friends, but at least I have the luxury of sunshine to buoy my spirits. Oh, and flea markets too. Today there were two in our village but we only made it to one. The heat got too much for us in the end. Even though it was only 11am it was almost 30°C. 
Number Two getting his wallet out to buy that warrier in the crook of his arm.
The boys are developing a good understanding of money and are not at all shy when it comes to asking what those toy soldiers, Lego pieces or Playmobil figures cost!
Number One enjoying a well-earned ice-cream after we’d had a good root around the flea market.
This afternoon it was 37°C as we drove to a local bathing lake to swim and cool off. It was well-needed, let me tell you! It certainly does not look like Summer is going to end any time soon.


 Afterwards we came home and munched on our home-grown cherry tomatoes, straight from the vines, and figs fresh from the tree and warm from a day in the sun. 

We are going to have a tough time adjusting when next Sunday night rolls around and there are school bags to pack, alarm clocks to be set and lunches to be made despite Summer not having ended. So chin up you lot – at least you don’t have to iron those uniforms in thirty degree heat. 

2 thoughts on “No Sign of Summer Ending

  1. It wasn't the best of summers in Ireland but really appreciated being able to cool off there in August and get away from the intense heat here.
    Thanks for popping by Nicola!

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