This Week I’ve Loved…Milestones

The past week has been one of milestones for us. Sometimes when the children reach milestones it can be very hard for us as parents to accept that our baby is not a baby any more.  But this week’s milestones were happier ones for us. 

For a start, we went on our second family camping trip, our first with Number Three. I was a bit concerned about the amount of sleep we would get, what with it being bright till after 10pm, us all sleeping on one tent and the excitment of being on holiday. Thankfully it all went very well. The fresh air and activity wore us all out so that we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the sleeping bags. 
Just an hour or two after our return home from camping, Number Three surprised us all by taking his first steps, at the tender age of ten months. Our wee man was over the moon and spent the rest of the evening staggering between the sofa, coffee table and armchair while giggling his head off. I now well and truly have my hands full and need to keep an eye on his every move. 

That same evening the next milestone was reached as Number One read his first library book by himself. He usually reads a page, maybe two if there are lots of pictures, before handing over to me to read the next few pages. But this time we were delighted to witness him reading a full chapter. What astounded me though was that the following morning over breakfast he read another two chapters and insisted on bringing the book to school so that he could read the final chapter at breaktime. Since then he has become a real book worm. Fingers crossed he’ll become as much of a book lover as the Bavarian and I are. 
This Week I've Loved

9 thoughts on “This Week I’ve Loved…Milestones

  1. Oh I completely know how you feel about our babies reaching new milestones. It's such a tough one emotionally because as you say, although it's wonderful that they are growing and developing so well, it feels like our teeny tiny babies are fading away, somewhat. Sometimes I wish I could buy some of that 'Stop Growing' powder! I'm sure you can buy it somewhere!! How fab about the reading too. Big congrats Number one. Thanks so much for linking up. xx

  2. I know how you feel about our babies growing up and reaching those new milestones. On one hand I want them to be babies for ever, but then when they reach new milestones, it makes me so proud. Sometimes, I wish I could buy some of that 'Stop Growing' powder! I'm sure you can buy it from somewhere!! Big congrats to Number One on the reading, Huge achievement. Thanks so much for linking up. xx

  3. Wouldn't it be great if we could get that? On the other hand though, we would probably never let baby get past day one if we had the chance and think of all the things we'd miss then.
    I'll pass on your congrats to Number One 🙂

  4. Oh how lovely. And what a busy week you've had!! It's so lovely when they reach these little milestones, though yours are rather large ones – it must be so lovely to see him walking!! So exciting too! I'm a little jealous of your camping trip too. This something I'd love to do one day. thanks so much for linking yeahs in with #ThisWeekIveLoved Steph xxx

  5. He is so happy to be walking, it is a joy to watch. I suppose he wants to be like his big brothers.
    Oh you should go camping Steph! It is brilliant, even if it rains as it did on our first trip before we had Number Three. All that fresh air and the change of scene is great for the whole family.
    Thanks for hosting this lovely linky!

  6. Wow, 10 months and walking! Well done Number Three! I am half dreading some of our milestones, as they will start being 'lasts' soon too as we have decided our family is complete. We are planning on going camping soon, Ive just read your camping post and I am inspired to book and get organised (though we are not brave enough to try camping abroad just yet!) I love your silhouette photo x

  7. Yes, he's an early starter alright. We'll be sticking with three children too, but I am trying to be optimistic and look forward to all the milestones that are still to come. It is heart-wrenching at times though.
    Oh do give camping a go. I'm not as brave as you think – we live in Germany so it is not “abroad” really even though I am Irish. But camping is such fun. Just be prepared, as the boy scouts day. Bring wet gear and turn a blind eye to filthy clothes. Bring easy food and a laid back attitude and you'll love it 🙂

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