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Blog Post Ideas for the Frazzled Parent

The other day in my Bloglovin subscription e-mail there was a link to 150 blog post ideas. Thinking that 150 ideas from one person is quite a lot, I clicked on the link and scanned the list. As I scanned, I realised that these are obviously mostly for people who have two things I don’t:
a. Time
b. No children

My train of thought went a little something like this: No. 62, Pamper Night – Pamper? Isn’t there an s missing? 
No. 69, How You Achieve Clear Skin – well, never having the time to apply make up helps a bit.
No. 80, working out at home – yeah, I do that. The hanging-the-clothes-on-the-line stretch, the picking-up-toys lunge, the-ouch-I-stood-on-lego-in-my-bare-feet hop, the mad-dash-after-a-toddler sprint.

So here’s my alternative list. Blog Post Ideas for the Frazzled Parent:
1. What I’d do with half an hour undisturbed “me time”
2. Books I plan to read
3. Films I wanted to see in the cinema but probably won’t watch till they make it to TV
4. Description and photos of the untidiest room in the house
5. This week I miraculously found time to paint my nails / dye my hair / read a book / … here’s how it was.
6. Best mammy moment of the week 
7. Best hubby moment of the week
8. Best kiddie moment of the week
9. The pile of unread / unfinished books beside my bed
10. On my bedside table you’ll find. ..
11. Five things in the kitchen that don’t belong there
12. My go-to weekday dinners
13. This week’s most surreal moment

14. This week’s tantrum was caused by…
15. What I really should be doing instead of typing right this minute

And on that note, I’ll go back to being mammy now. Happy blogging!

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    40 thoughts on “Blog Post Ideas for the Frazzled Parent

    1. Haha, brilliant! This is a much more apt list I agree. I have know idea how some people have time to do the things they do (or at least say they do…) on their blogs. From a fellow frazzled mother, there is no pamper here either, just pampers 😉

    2. Thanks for your comment. Oh the day will come all too soon when we'll miss that s but on the plus side the pampering that we can one day enjoy again will be appreciated so much more 🙂

    3. Hahaha “the working out at home” is so funny and sounds very familiar to me … especially the bare footed lego hop hahaha

    4. Aren't you a wonderful mother to be sacrificing your teeth in order to save them damaging theirs? I might take some inspiration from you *eyes up the remaining mini Lindt rabbits in the children's Easter box* 😉

    5. Loves this…being a frazzled mum I'm the mornings is crazy. Hubby helps out a lot but if I don't wanna be frazzled then maybe I should be more organised of an eve…oh wait id rather chill and sleep lol

    6. I am going to follow your blog in the hope that you will shortly be posting photos and a description of the untidiest room in your house!

      I am also considering stealing the idea for 5 things that don't belong in the kitchen – I know my eldest pajamas are still in there which is weird since she is in bed!

    7. Give it a try. Maybe it'll work for you. It really doesn't take long in the evening to get a few things done and it makes a hell of a lot of difference in the mornings. Alternatively delegate the evening jobs to hubby. That way you have a relaxed evening and an organised morning. Win-win!

    8. Oh I will Morna, I will. But the competition is tough. Our house is not big but almost every room is in a severe stage of disarray.
      Maybe I should do a once-off linky on things that are where they don't belong 😉

    9. Ha this is so true! I could write about the best ways to clean food/crayon off a highchair/the floor/everything, how to stop your child having a tantrum in Sainsbury's (hint: give them your iPhone to play on) and how not to do any housework. After that I'm all out of ideas.

    10. I would definitely be interested in the cleaning food off a highchair /the floor post. Number 3 started on solids recently. I forgot how cement-like baby food becomes if not wiped away immediately.
      Thanks for stopping by Charlotte.

    11. Hilarious! I've read some of THOSE lists – I love your interpretation 🙂 As for your alternative, mine would sound similar – I have the same pile of books by the bed, and another pile yet to be read, and my post about nail polish would be 'I had time to apply nail varnish last week but look at the state of them now…!' Great post, thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    12. Ha ha. Yes, I know what you mean Hannah. With all the nappy changing, hand washing, laundry and the rest of it, the nails get a fair bashing compared to when you sit in the office 🙂
      Thanks for popping by.

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