Things on my bedside table

Here in no particular order is what you would find on my bedside table at the moment.

My work blackberry. Dead. Password and PIN long forgotten. 
An iPod Touch, the height of cool in 2009 and barely worth charging now.
A small bottle of baby oil for Number 3’s cradle cap.
A reading light – one of those dinky clip-on ones, for those nights when Number 3 fed for ages and I could read in the middle of the night.
Ten books – some finished, some started, some for dipping into. The Wonder Weeks is one. I bought it when Number 1 was at a particularly difficult stage at around 7 months and I still have a read of it now and again.
A pack of homeopathic teething medicine – for the times when The Wonder Weeks offers no consolation and the old “he must be teething” excuse gets rolled out.
Two hair ties. Sadly, tying my hair up in a ponytail or bun before getting out of bed generally equates to my daily style routine. I’m determined to change this. A dab of moisturiser and a dusting of bronzer to the face really should be managable.

A glass of water for that middle of the night thirst.
A mug of rosehip tea, gone cold.
A pen and a notebook – an old habit. So many to dos and ideas spring to mind just before I drop off to sleep. Nowadays these things get typed straight into my phone.
My phone and charger.
A teddy bear my sister gave me years ago. The boys insisted I keep it near me when the realised it was mine not theirs. How one can sleep without their favourite cuddly toy is beyond them.

Hairs – that’s one of the few downsides to breastfeeding. Since I have particularly thick hair (we’re talking two packs of hair dye at a go here), there is A LOT of stray hair floating round our house.
And then there’s dust. Lots of dust.

Add a nappy and a slice of cake and you’d pretty much have a microcosm of my life.

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