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Memories, featuring Butlers’ Chocolates

Back in my college days I worked in Magill’s deli in Dublin. Around Christmas it was always alive with people, some just popping in for the smell. “Oh if you could bottle this!” they’d say, raising their nose and taking a deep breath of the spicey, smokey smell that hangs in the air. The mood… Continue reading Memories, featuring Butlers’ Chocolates

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5 Cheap & Cheerful Days Out In Ireland

Following last year’s summer holiday at home in Ireland, I wrote a list of the 11 best days out we’d had. This year we revisited some of those places and visited a few more. I didn’t get round to posting this before the mid-term breaks, but these places aren’t going anywehre. They still be around… Continue reading 5 Cheap & Cheerful Days Out In Ireland