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Muddling Through (with a giveaway of December Girl)

I’ve been in denial of the fact that it is November. I was just sitting here making a few mental notes of what’s on the agenda this week and suddenly realised it is not just November, it is mid-November. MID-NOVEMBER! How? Halloween was just the other day. Today is St. Martin’s Day in Germany and… Continue reading Muddling Through (with a giveaway of December Girl)

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Operation Better Bridesmaid

After my last bridesmaid post, in which I wallowed in my uselessness at this particular job, I noticed that I had forgotten my nephew’s first birthday. I say “noticed” but in reality my sister, the bride-to-me and mother of said nephew, phoned me to tell me.  She was probably simultaneously wondering if she could get… Continue reading Operation Better Bridesmaid